UN3373 Packaging

UN3373, Biological Substance, Category 'B' Packaging

IATA Exempt Human Specimen Boxes
UN3373 Boxes ♦ Absorbents ♦ 95 kPa Bags

UN3373 Packaging, IATA Category B boxes, Exempt human specimen boxes, IATA biological substance kit, TDG UN3373 boxes
We carry a variety of Biological Substance, Category 'B' packaging, designed for ground & air transportation of medical laboratory items. Packaging & accessories are designed for infectious samples (UN3373), but are also suitable for exempt human specimen samples & animal samples. Both stock & custom packaging options are available for safe transport your lab samples; all packaging options are IATA approved (PI650) for air travel & TDG / 49 CFR approved for ground transport. Whether you need cushioning material, absorbent pouches, 95 kPa bags, or complete category B kits - we have you covered. Our kits are designed & pre-marked for ground & air shipments of UN3373, Biological Substances, Category ‘B’; they also meet marking/packaging requirements for exempt human specimens and exempt animals specimens. The result is a one-stop solution for shipping all laboratory samples. Stock kits contain absorbent pouches for separation of fragile inners, IATA approved 95 kPa pressure tested bags, as well as cushioning material – this combination meets UN3373 packaging requirements for all modes of transport (49 CFR, TDG, IATA & IMDG). Custom kits are also available. With your guidance, we will design a compliant kit tailored to your specific needs. Contact us for more information.
UN3373 Packaging, Exempt specimen boxes, IATA UN3373 boxes, TDG UN3373 boxes
UN3373 Packaging, exempt specimen kit, UN3373 box, IATA UN3373 boxes, TDG UN3373 kit

UN3373 - Biological Substance, Category ‘B’ Packaging
& Exempt Human / Animal Specimen Kits

Our 9x4x4” kits are designed for transportation of laboratory specimen samples. This UN3373 box meets biological substance 1B container requirements for GROUND shipments (TDG Regulations*), meets PI 650 packaging requirements** for international transport by air (IATA DG Regulations & ICAO Technical Instructions) or marine (IMDG Code).

PK-BIO is a versatile packaging designed and pre-marked with required markings for BOTH (non-hazardous) exempt human specimens, as well as those biological substances which may pose a risk to handlers – to expose the applicable markings, simply fold the box as per the attached.

Kits come complete with:
- required absorbent [also provides separation for glass / fragile inners (holds up to 4 test-tubes)]
- self-sealing 95 kPa bag (IATA approved) & document pouch for requisition paperwork
- bubble-wrap for cushioning & stabilization
- outer box, pre-marked with 49CFR, TDG [1B container (TC-125-1B)], & IATA (PI 650) requirements

Category 'B' Packaging
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* Meets 1B container / TC-125-1B packaging requirements as laid out in TDG (CGSB-43.125-99)

** Meets criteria of IATA DG Regulations PI 650 & ICAO Technical Instructions PI 650 & IATA requirements for exempt patient specimen packaging (exempt human specimen & exempt animal specimen)

Serving Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario & Quebec) & USA

Custom 1B Containers (TC-125-1B) & diagnostic/exempt specimen kits

Are you having a hard time finding exactly what you’re looking for? Create your own 1A or 1B container packaging system! Allow our team to help you design an efficient packaging system to meet your needs. Select from a variety of outer 1B container sizes and styles; with help from our compliance team, configure pre-printed required markings and customize with company name, logo, images etc. We will help you choose the style and quantity of inner packaging and configure them in a way that best suits you.

Kits for shipping plastic or fragile inners, refrigerated or ambient, 1 or 6 samples at a time, by ground (TDG) or air (IATA) transport; whether you need exempt specimen packaging, 1B containers/UN3373 kits, or 1A containers – we have you covered. Let us help you design your packaging, the way you want it, with the confidence your final product will be in compliance with all applicable regulations.


That the TDG Regulations allows certain Category A infectious substances to be shipped as a Category B? [TDG Part 2.36(2)].

* Category A substances in culture form OR listed under TDG Part 2.36(3) are NOT eligible for the above *

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Absorbent material

Our pouches are specifically designed to hold test-tubes and meet UN3373 (biological substance, Category ‘B’) required absorbent material when shipping liquid UN3373/exempt specimen samples by air transport. Pouches both fully encase & protect fragiles, while acting as an absorbent for test-tube contents. Absorbent pouches are made of a special woven polymeric material and are available both on their own, or pre-packaged in our self-seal 95 kPa bags; available in both 1-bay and 4-bay versions.


Gel Packs

Gel packs for cooling UN3373 samples in transit - available for individual use and/or in conjuction with our PK-BIO packaging system. Available in multiple sizes for cooling individual ( AB-TT1) or multiple test-tubes (AB-TT4).

95 kPa Bags

Heat-seal & Self-seal 95 kPa bags

A variety of secondary packaging meeting 49 CFR, TDG & IATA DGR requirements (95 kPa tested) for transporting UN3373 liquids by air. A variety of self-seal & heat-seal 95 kPa bag sizes are available – from individual test-tubes to large sample containers. All heat-seal bags are made of linear low density polyethylene & nylon for maximum protection of your specimen contents. Custom sizes available – please contact us for pricing!

95 kPa Bags
heat-seal 95 kPa bags, UN3373 IATA bags
self-seal 95 kPa bags, UN3373 IATA bags